Trent Ohishi, Fire Starters & Positive Young Goal Setters

I get lucky every now and then and meet someone positive with a winning spirit who is enthusiastic about life an living.  Mr Trent Ohishi  who graduated high school recently according to the Facebook page he showed me. He has his whole life ahead of him and by his side is the winning spirit that he can accomplish anything and everything he sets out to do. He will do just that.


Trent Ohishi at his Graduation in June 2013

Trent Ohishi at his Graduation in June 2013


I am not sure what he is going to do but he already has plans of building a business of his own- a driving service with customized and personalized services never before seen. Since I am disabled and don’t drive -He just might be my personal driver in the future. Time will tell. At any rate, he will succeed because he has the right ammunition to succeed. His spirit and attitude are contageous to everyone around him at work.

The more I talked to him after his shift the more I learned. For now he is one of the multi-talented, bright waiters at Taco De Ojo Sports Cantina & Grill where I go because I enjoy it, but I am also working with the owners for photography work and marketing.

You can see the story I  put up tonight at The photos haven’ been shot yet; I am hoping I can arrange with Rod tonight to come in and start shooting photos this week. It would be awesome working here. It wouldn’t be like a job at all!

I have been working with the owners of Taco Del Ojo to write a Feature Story for them and do some photography work and marketing work.

I had met Trent on my last visit here and we began talking about life, goals and what I do for a living and how I came to create it.

He thanked me and shook my hand and replied “I am so honored to meet you! You are such an interesting and wonderful person!” Comments like that are always touching and mean a lot to me because when someone can sense the kind of human being I am-it is the greatest kind of gift.

Trent inspired me and somehow I gave him hope and wisdom and I am doing what he has always dreamed of doing-write about extraordinary places and create stories for one-of-a kind destinations, resort hotels, travel journals, architectural photography etc.

There is so much negativity on the tube, that I recently began watching again, that we need more goal setters, trend setters and those who “carry an invisible torch” that they hand to others to light their way to acheive goals.

Some people are gifts.

Mr. Trent Ohishi is just that gift. His parents did a fantastic job with him and I hope to meet them one day and tell them that.

I am going to interview with him coming really soon as soon as he calls me and schedules a time.

We need to hear more from people who are doing things right, making a difference in their communities, and that is what Trent is planning on doing for Christmas. He and a group of other young adults, also sharing his pleasant refreshing positivity are creating care packages to give some of the many homeless in Orange County, CA. Trent told me that there are one in 25 people are homeless in Orange County-and he agreed it is an epidemic that needs to be addressed.

If you live in Orange County, CA and read this-what are your ideas about how we can change that?

I created a petition asking for money from congress for more subsidized housing establishments to help the disabled on ssi and ssdi live with dignity, having their basic needs met.

There is more to come with this one……

There are Fire Starters who kindle flames in others and Trent Ohishi is just that kind of fire starter. He can kindle flames in other young adults who maybe didn’t have the great parents he did, and change their lives by changing their minds.

Do you know of another Fire Starter in your community or other young adults who have winning spirits?

Share them here too.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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