Let It Go.

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You are wanting something and you don’t know what would happen when you let it go. It could be something you are holding on to with just chance, hope. You put all your strength into praying for this something to happen. It’s what YOU want to happen, the way you want it to happen. You pray, you journal, you give everything up for it. And by everything, I mean everything inside of you. You are internally draining your body, your emotions, hoping for it to happen.

Letting go is terrifying. With certain things in life you have to repeatedly let them go. The most amazing part of this is when you give all you have to God and see what He does with you. The more I let go of this something I hope for, the more He reveals to me where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed…

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Strength Is Letting Go

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Strength is letting go,

surrendering to the promises which holds you in air, in gravity, floating throughout space

Your letting go is a gift to the universe, you allow everything to conspire FOR you.

It’s already done, it’s a done deal.

Let you body surrender, let the striving cease, let your mind feel ease, let you heart subside in complete love.

Though you don’t feel that you deserve it, but your faith is delving deeper into your soul and you know somehow, somehow, and no earthly persons knows, how it’s going to happen, but you sink deeper.

You hold on when the thread, the rope untangles, faster than you can hold onto, suddenly the rope is completely gone and you fall back, slowly, at first, faster and faster, into the abyss of self-consciousness, of perhaps Wholiness. 

You feel your heart explode and light escaping everything that is you, and suddenly…

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Celebrating Today

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vik - small things 2

Join us every Friday as we Celebrate The Small Things, thanks to our host VikLit and my fellow co-hosts Diana Wilder, LG Keltner@Writing Off the Edge, and Katie@TheCyborg Mom!

So what am I celebrating this week?

First off, I’m sick again, so that really isn’t something to celebrate about.

Second, editing is going verrrrrry slow.

Thirdly, my sleep pattern is whacked … which means a lot of reading (so that is kind of good, I suppose).

But today was a good day, and not in the kind of something big happened that made it really good. It was just … good, in a lot of small ways. And crazy busy as it was, it’s the kind of day that leaves you feeling more energized than tired; when even being sick takes a backseat to the general feeling of the day. So even if it…

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Actions speak louder than words!

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Although it is nice to hear the “I Love You.”, and “I care about you!”, it’s still much better when we can feel it.

Time is sensitive. I’ve heard so many people say, “Where has the time gone?” So never waste time. You love someone? Say & show it! You really care about that friend, family or whoever?!? Show that you care & be there to listen. Relate!

Besides that….. Wishing everyone nothing but a safe, wonderful & great weekend 😘

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