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From my friend Mr. Osborne comes this beautiful Christian prayer and an uplifting music video as a blessing for the world to see and hear.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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Father, I pray that all war on this earth would end

That we would all live in peace and harmony

We have to stop this killing of the soul

To know that only in loving You can we truly be made whole

I turn the TV on and the stories are all the same

Of hatred and indifference, of poverty and pain

I see the crying mothers holding dying babies in their arms

Children searching through a garbage dump for rotting food

Teenagers selling their bodies to survive

The growing sea of hopelessness and despair

People in the hell of their addictions believing no one cares

The abused who ask as they cry out in their agony, Please, won’t anyone love me?

Lord, what can we do when so many are suffering? Then, He speaks to my heart to say this word to you, that you can be there for…

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Let us celebrate the every day heroes and heroines. Do you know one?

Every day I run into people who have done amazing things that defy normalcy. In a supermarket line or in the places I go through the day. I pray to meet people like that who have contributed something to the world or defy the odds.

Do you know one of those amazing people?

That person doesn’t have to be a doctor, fireman or police officer but someone you know who made a difference and who is continually making a difference, doing the right thing-without thinking of payment or money, but thinking of the greater good of all.

Helen Keller was my heroine since I was 9 years old, the same year I was diagnosed with epilepsy, began cooking, began playing the piano and began writing. When God handed dealt the deck of life, I have always realized that no matter how much adversity I have experienced, the deck was stacked in my favor. My abilities far outweighed any disability.HelenKeller3.28.2011

I look forward to reading the stories as they come in on this one!

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Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 21st 2014

10:45 p.m.


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On Scent & Travel

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“I’m not advocating for the purchase of an expensive bottle [of perfume] every time you go to a cousin’s wedding. But for me, the act of dignifying a journey with its own scent can be enough to elevate a humble getaway to vacation status. It’s nice to find something that has a connection to wherever you are, but the actual perfume is secondary. The point is to create a sense memory for the experience that has, for you, no precedent. I’ve worn the same perfume since my twenty-third birthday, when I treated myself to my first bottle of En Passant, but from the moment I get in the cab to the airport, I like to wear something different, unfamiliar.”

-Sadie Stein in The Paris Review“A Travel Trip”

Yes! I do this too. The best side effect is that years later, your'll get a whiff of fragrance and it will take you right back. Yes! I do this too. The best side effect is that years later, your’ll get a whiff of fragrance and it will take…

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If you examine any successful person they typically have one thing in common: a mentor. Nearly every successful person in history had someone who they could confide in and learn from when times were tough. I want to highlight the importance of having a mentor in business and entrepreneurship.

To be successful in life it is very important to have a mentor, a coach, someone with more experience than you, someone who is in a position in life that you desire to be in the future.

Most people underestimate the value of a mentor and this is the biggest reasons for failure in business. A mentor offers valuable insight to things that only experience can teach as well as a host of other things. They have fruit on their tree which shows they have paid the price to be in a position to offer wisdom to you if you need…

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When the Grasshopper Teaches the Master

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Little Man Business cut out 72dpi-resized-201.jpgThere is a lot to be said for learning from younger people. While we veterans can teach the invaluable lessons of the past, they can teach us the path to the future. And that is worth paying attention to.

For instance, people of my generation often grapple with the wonders of technology with varying degrees of success. Some of us are totally immersed and intrigued by what can be accomplished in a wireless world, (including all the cool toys that come along with it). Others of us are hard pressed to know how to turn on our computers, if indeed we even own one. But, no matter where we are on the technology learning curve, the one thing we know for sure is that to learn it, we have to consult those who have the skill and it’s highly doubtful that we will find this expertise in people older than…

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