Celebrating Native Americans….


I am part Black Foot Indian from my great grandmother and feel one with the earth and Native American philosophies. I would love to go to Rapid City, SD and see the extraordinary sculptures.
Even more, I would love to go somewhere and hear the beautiful music of the Native American Indians. I love their reverence for the earth and all living beings. We could all learn a lot from the first Americans.

Paulette L Motzko

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Rapid City Composite-crop

Rapid City, SD – A City of Sculptures

I love all the sculptures in downtown Rapid City. Many celebrate our Native Americans. What could be more American than to celebrate the original inhabitants of this great country. Too bad it took us so many years to realize that…..

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Quote: He’s All In!


This post is directed at all my Christian readers and those who live in the Chicago area and to those looking for a better way and hope.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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The following thoughts are gleanings from Nancy Magiera’s writings… so fresh and non-religious and LIFE!  Go ahead, be encouraged.  Take a big deep breath of fresh air. – MLH
All In...

Without a breath of hesitation, God put all chips in.

He knew exactly what He’d have to do to win.
Throw it all in. Nothing held back.
It would cost Him everything.
The winning pot was so poor, so fragile yet somehow so alluring that He couldn’t resist going all in.
It was the likes of me. I am the prize. I was His jackpot.

He saw all and embraced me anyway in my condition: Loser.  Reject.  Rebel.  Stained.
He exposed Himself to the very worst possible.
He was glad to do the unspeakable.
He offers me the whole kit and kaboodle as a freebie.  No down payment. No coupon necessary.  No out clause.  No shipping & handling.  No small…

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Today I’m going to talk about my favorite place in Prague.  It isn’t the castle or Old Town Square or Petrin Hill or Charles Bridge.  It is far and away the John Lennon Wall.  I figured it is a good time to talk about it since I’m hoping to do a really cool project about it which I will discuss at the end of the post.

So what is the wall?  It’s a wall covered so thick in graffiti that there are centimeters of paint covering the actual plaster.  In many contexts and many cities, especially in the states, people would consider it an eyesore.  Here it is something so beautiful.  During the communist days, western music, especially by someone such as Lennon was banned.  I’ve even read that musicians were jailed if they played it here.  After Lennon was murdered in 1980, a portrait was painted on this wall…

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This is one of my all-time favorite quotes, dedicated to all the pretty ladies out there. :)


“I believe in being strong, when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” 

-Audrey Hepburn

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The Social Model of Disability

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I have to admit before I started my current job working with a disabled children’s charity, I had no idea what the social model of disability was, which is pretty shocking. That is my fault, I was deliberately ignorant. Just as it is not the responsibility of women to educate men about feminism and equality, or people of colour to educate white people on racism and privilege, it isnot the responsibility of disabled people to educate the rest of us about how society discriminates against them.

So anyhoo – here’s some education. I don’t propose to be an expert (far from it), but the woman that taught me is. Aside from being an amazing human being, a beautiful wife-to-be, and a very capable museum steward, she also runs her own business on the side, training organisations in disability awareness. Plus she has hemiplegia, which gives her first-hand knowledge of…

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An Alarmingly Simple Way to Stay Present


After today and dealing with a jerky doctor, who didn’t believe I had a diagnosis that the best doctors in CA have verified. I hate running into apathetic and ignorant people and keep praying to God to avoid them like and repel them like water on Vaseline. Hear me God?

Maybe I need to change the way I pray?

To all the over a thousand people who read Totally Inspired Mind, please say some major heavy duty prayers that I find a place I can afford so all my personal possessions along with me can be in one place, so I can rebuild my body, mind and spirit and really relax.
I don’t care what type of prayer you say and what type of God you pray to…just say a heartfelt prayer for Paulette Motzko.
Thank you!

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I wonder... are they texting each other?

Do you ever catch yourself messing around on your phone or frequently using it to check the time while hanging out with friends?

If you’re like most of us, you often pull out your phone to check the time (let’s be honest: watches are mostly a thing of the past) and end up unlocking the screen and firing off replies to newly discovered texts, emails, and social media notifications. Though brief, these little distractions pull you out of the present moment and steal your focus.

And not only is this a rude habit to get into, but since humans are actually awful at multitasking, it is also extremely inefficient to bounce your focus back and forth between a conversation and your mobile device.

I’ve found a simple trick to free myself from the urge to check on things when I really want to focus: I set an alarm before I begin the task.


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